Physician Assistant

Claire is a certified physician assistant, a graduate of Duke University. She has been with the practice since 2001. Claire works closely with Dr. Balaa in evaluating patients on their follow up visits, reviewing their medical condition and progress, and jointly with Dr. Balaa make decisions on how to manage their care. She enjoys reading, taking biking trips with her husband and daughters.


Office Manager and Biller

Bernadette has been the office manager and biller since our practice doors opened in 1999. She is very knowledgeable in matters of billing and insurance issues, and along with her caring personality, has been instrumental in making sure that patients’ needs are addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner. She is a meticulous and detail oriented person. For hobbies she enjoys reading and gardening.



Stephanie has been with our practice since in 2000. She is in charge of scheduling appointments, preparing medical records and responding to calls and forwarding messages to the appropriate staff. She is a dog enthusiast and loves her pugs. All 3 of them.


Medical Assistant

Natasha graduated as a Medical Assistant from Bryman College, and has been caring for patients in our practice since 2006. Her main responsibilities include scheduling procedures, x-rays and lab tests, rooming patients and taking vital signs, as well as obtaining authorizations from insurance companies when such are needed. When not in the office she enjoys spending time with her two toddler daughters.