Rights of Patients

The choice of Center where the colonoscopy will be performed is dictated by insurance companies (Preferred Centers), your choice of day of the week and the availability on our schedule. We currently service our patients through two AAAHC accredited and Medicare approved centers. The Endoscopy Center of Silicon Valley (ECSV) and the Los Gatos Surgical Center (LGSC).

Dr. Balaa is one of the founders of Endoscopy Center of Silicon Valley, and continues to have a financial interest in that center. He also has a financial interest in the Los Gatos Surgical Center.

By now you have been informed where your procedure will be performed. Please click on the appropriate link below (ECSV if your procedure has been scheduled at the Endosccopy Center of Silicon Valley, or LGSC if you were scheduled at the Los Gatos Surgical center). From there you will be able to view a brochure for the Center and to view, print and sign the document entitled “Rights of Patients”. It is a federal mandate imposed on all Surgical centers that patients read the Rights of Patients document, ask questions of the Center if clarification were needed, and to bring along a copy of the signed document to the Center on the day of the procedure.

My procedure has been scheduled at:

The Endoscopy Center of Silicon Valley (ECSV) Brochure
The Los Gatos Surgical Center (LGSC) Brochure